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16. februar 2016
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7. juni 2017
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What is love?

The other day I was asked the question – what is love?

For a second I had no idea what to say. I work with and for love – but never really thought directly about an answer to that exact question…

In my head I only had One word – YOU.

So I looked the woman into her eyes and said. Love is you – and I believe that here is where most people are wrong about love. People believe that Real love is found outside of us – I believe that love is only within us.

Love is to truly express WHO we are – what we need – what we believe and what our needs are. As long as we do not have the courage to truly stand up to our self, we cannot experience true love. Because as long as we do not dear to Express WHO we are – we will in any relation only get the possibility to learn more about what we like.

This is why we all love to be in love – because being in love is interacting in a new relation that opens up to new sides of WHO we are.

We get the chance to look into a mirror.

Knowing that every interaction – every relation is an opportunity to learn of what is you – your self-love, you can start searching for love within you instead of striving to find love outside of you….

Just Like a hamster in a wheal experiencing the same over and over again without stopping – without looking up to see something new and therefore not creates a new opportunity for it self…